7 Health Benefits Of Grape Seed Extract

fatehah zailani
By fatehah zailani September 18, 2017 12:00

7 Health Benefits Of Grape Seed Extract

Strong nutritional tools like grape seed extract have become more popular in recent years, but before you can derive the benefits of these concentrated substances, it is best to understand where they come from, what potential benefits they hold, and whether there are any side effects for people who use them.

What Is Grape Seed Extract?

Grape seed extract is a substance that is derived from the seeds of grapes. Scientifically belonging to the Vitis genus, most grape seed extract is made from Vitis vinifera, as are many types of wine, but there are a handful of other species from which this extract can be made. Grape seed extract is produced by grinding up the seeds found at the center of grapes and then using a steam distillation or cold-pressing method to extract the pure compounds of the seeds. Some of the most important compounds found in grape seed extract are tannins, oligomeric procyanidins, catechins and epicatechins, as well as vitamin E and linoleic acid.

Grape seed extract is most commonly taken in supplement form, and the recommended amount is between 100-300 milligrams per day. Given that the only food source for this extract is grape seeds, supplements are the most logical form. Some people who have a cold press or grinder at home can also make this extract themselves, particularly if they work at a vineyard and have an excess of grapes to work with. In most cases, you will find grape seed extract in tablet, capsule or pill form, all of which will be able to deliver some of the following health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Grape Seed Extract

The many health benefits of grape seed extract include improving the appearance of the skin, lowering cholesterol, aiding in weight loss, increasing cognitive function, regulating blood pressure, optimizing fluid balance, speeding the healing of wounds, reduce swelling after injury and preventing muscle damage.

1. Weight Loss

Some research has shown the active ingredients within grape seed extract to inhibit fat deposition within the body, and even lower the level of fat absorption from our diet. Combined with a negligible amount of calories, this extract can give you an energetic boost and speed up the metabolism, which can further aid your weight loss efforts.

2. Skin Care

The presence of numerous antioxidants and flavonoid compounds in grape seed extract have been linked to improved skin appearance. These compounds are able to seek out and neutralize the free radicals in the skin that threaten the elasticity and durability of the skin. By eliminating oxidative stress and improving elasticity, this extract can help to reduce the presence of wrinkles, age spots, and blemishes, while also promoting the growth of new, healthy cells that keep you looking young.

3. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

The flavonoids that can be found in such high quantities within grape seed extract are responsible for lowering overall cholesterol levels and improving the balance between HDL and LDL cholesterol. This can reduce the dangers of plaque deposition in the arteries and blood vessels, which will lower your risk of heart attack, stroke, coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular issues.

4. Controls Blood Pressure

Research has found that the oligomeric procyanidins in this extract are able to protect blood vessels and arteries from damage, which can lead to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems. Furthermore, the compounds in grape seed extract are able to stimulate the activity of vitamin C in the body, which will boost collagen production and speed up the repair process on damaged blood vessels.

 5. Lowers Oxidative Stress

Widely known as an anti-aging secret, the regular consumption of this extract can help flood the body with antioxidants, which will counter the effects of oxidative stress in your organs as well as your skin and hair. These compounds will also reduce your risk of chronic disease, which becomes much more of a threat as we age.

6. Boosts Immune System

As mentioned, the flavonoids in this extract stimulate the vitamin C already present in the body, but there is also a moderate amount of vitamin E in this extract, which can help boost the function of the immune system to defend against bacterial and viral pathogens. Furthermore, the antioxidants in this extract are considered 30-50 times more potent than vitamin C in terms of protecting the body from pathogens.

7. Prevents Edema

Anecdotal evidence has argued that the regular use of grape seed extract is able to prevent edema from occurring in the body. This excess storing of fluid in the body can be painful and unsightly, but it can easily be remedied with a supplement that regulates fluid transfer and balance between the cells and tissues.

fatehah zailani
By fatehah zailani September 18, 2017 12:00

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