• Feeding Diseases or Fighting It

    Feeding Diseases or Fighting It

    The truth is, the food we eat directly affects our energy levels, how we feel, how we look, our immune system, and if we develop a disease. Whatever we take everyday can affect our healthy body. Remember to always have a good diet on your daily food to get sustainable vitamins and minerals for an optimal lifestyle . What we eat daily is one of the biggest ways we can make a positive change on ourselves and the world. Companies that use toxic ingredients and refuse to sell healthy food should be exposed and boycotted. Companies that protect the environment, source locally, and provide healthy food should be supported. The biggest way we can make a change in the world...

    🕔07:29, 9.Jan 2017
  • Diabetes Remedy with Okra

    Diabetes Remedy with Okra

    Can okra treat diabetes which can lower sugar reading? Let's see in detail how to treat diabetes with okra. Beans or okra is has the botanical name Abelmoschus esculentus. If eaten okra will produce mucus, which have high nutrition. Okra very easily grown in tropical climates like Malaysia. Why okra is good for our health? This is due to the content of okra itself: i. Have low calories. Imagine there are 30 calories per 100gm without the cholesterol and saturated fat. ii. Help control the level of sugar in our body iii. There are nutrients such as Vitamin A, B6, C and K. Okra contains high magnesium  also which is good for digestion. 1. Okra has a low Glycemic Index...

    🕔02:31, 20.Feb 2017

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Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil

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